Meet my friend Nikki! I asked her to share her story. I have enjoyed watching her confidence grow over the years! She is bold, brave, and beautiful!

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“Become so confident in who you are that no one’s opinion, rejection, or behavior can rock you.” – Annie Sikdar

“Not long ago, I bid on this vintage hat at a local silent auction, fully expecting to walk away empty-handed. I’ve never bid on anything in my LIFE and I was sweating bullets thinking my husband would kill me if I won it. I even tried it on, jokingly saying to my friends that it would be all wrong…but when I turned around & looked in the mirror I felt beautiful, and I immediately fell completely in love with that hat. But then the very next second, I instantly doubted what people would think if they saw me wearing it. This hat in itself is so much bolder than I’ve ever had the nerve to be; I’ve never worn anything remotely like it, but it spoke to me. So I did the thing I would normally never do, I bid on it. And I won it, along with a n o t h e r hat!

I had my mini freak-out moment, but ever since then, I’ve been on this path of finding more things that make me feel the same way. Bold. Brave. Even beautiful – which is not something that freely comes to mind when I think of myself. Truth be told, I too often revert back to that girl everyone made fun of in school so many years ago. I still struggle with those hurtful comments that were probably so easily forgotten by the people who said them and this hat brought those feelings to the surface as well. But even more so, I loved the way this hat made me feel, and I feel like because everything happens for a reason, that it crossed the decades and was meant to be mine forever. It might sound silly, but I feel like this hat is my new good luck charm. Sometimes the most unexpected things fall into your lap, and it’s scary sometimes…I get it. I hate change and my initial response to things like that is to usually say #byefelicia but I’m learning to say yes more often…turns out it’s actually kinda fun! Who knew??


#faithoverfear #timetofly #whisperoftheheart #getinhere #youbelong #leapoffaith #changeisgood

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