Look up in the sky and you’ll notice a show, Of the stars gliding by and the moon’s soft glow. Who scattered them there? From Whose hands did they fall? And why would He even bother at all? The Maker of Lights spun this world into place, to begin His Story of love, hope and grace. All creatures He formed by His pleasure and will; Calling each by their name, now MAN’s task to fulfill.

Over thousands of years, God sent people to slowly reveal, that a Savior would come, for the world to be healed. Because of the Fall, all were dead in their sin, but just like Adam, Jesus brought life to all men. Like Moses, Jesus RESCUED people out of sin’s way; Like David, Jesus came as a WARRIOR to save the day. Like Esther, Jesus was a PEACEMAKER for man; And like Daniel, Jesus came as a HERO, fulfilling God’s perfect plan.

God’s Story is full of people, and they all point to the One, who died on a cross and again will come. The friendship that was broken, Jesus eternally mended, And we’ll live with Him forever, just as He intended.

God graciously asks you, now, only one thing: To have faith in your heart that Jesus is King. Because God wants you, too, as a piece in His Story, To love you forever and show you His glory!

Do you believe this is true? God calls you His friend! His grace is enough; His love never ends. And when Jesus rose, God’s Spirit was given, to remind you each day that, indeed, He is risen! And if you believe, in your heart He resides, to be your Friend, your Teacher and Guide. And God’s people, the Church, have been given His Word, to tell this Love Story to all who’ve not heard.

Story credit given to One Hope (customized by First Assembly of God Church, Rapid City, SD)

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