I believe that there are no mistakes or coincidences with the people we cross paths with in life. I also believe that there is something we can learn from everyone. Everyone has a story to tell and gifts to share; a purpose to fulfill. Many people have been beaten down by life and lost sight of who they are, or perhaps they just haven’t ever figured out who they are and what they have to contribute to others. We have to choose whether or not we will learn and grow from those people and experiences along life’s journey.

I am only human. I fail every day. My choices and actions can unintentionally hurt others. When I fall short, I have to choose to pick myself back up again, brush myself off and keep going. Looking for people and opportunities in which I can serve and impart my gifts and wisdom into and share what I’ve gained through my personal life lessons.

None of us is done growing or learning until we have breathed our last breath. Even with the best of intentions, I make mistakes, hurt, and offend. Often my desire is to just be authentic, transparent or helpful and to do what is right, according to my personal convictions.

I cannot undo what has been done or change how others might perceive me. I can keep going and keep trying my best! Keep loving those who God puts in my path. Keep praying for and blessing those who no longer are in my life. Forgive myself. Forgive others. Move forward. Choose joy. Choose to love. Choose to bless; help and serve where opportunities arise. Choose to persevere. Choose to be all God is calling me to be. Choose LIFE. Life is a choice. I choose to LIVE!

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